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The University of Sydney BUS BUZZ
ISSUE 8, JUNE 2012

ISSUE 8, JUNE 2012


Welcome to Issue 8 of Bus Buzz, the quarterly newsletter from the public transport team at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) in The University of Sydney Business School. We'd like to share with you the latest data and research on bus issues at ITLS and beyond. Please forward this newsletter to other people who may be interested.

Professor Corinne Mulley | Chair of Public Transport
Dr Geoffrey Clifton | Lecturer in Transport and Logistics Management


Research in Flexible Transport

Research in Transportation Business and Management has published two articles on flexible transport by ITLS's Professor Corinne Mulley. The first is 'Barriers to implementing flexible transport services: An international comparison of the experiences in Australia, Europe and USA' (Mulley et al) and the second a demonstration of how flexible transport could be implemented in the NW of Sydney ".Quantifying the role of a flexible transport service in reducing the accessibility gap in low density areas: A case-study in north-west Sydney' (Mulley). More information

The Impact of Neighbourhood Design on Public Transport Use

Transport Policy has just published "The influence of neighbourhood design on travel behaviour: Empirical evidence from North East England' by ITLS's Professor Corinne Mulley, co-authored with Professor Nelson and Dr Aditjandra. More information

ITLS Research Unit Student

ITLS graduate, Zhiqin Cai graduated with a Masters in Transport Management in 2012, has undertaken Post-Graduation Work Experience Program with Comfort Delgro Cabcharge and has returned to a job in Singapore with the Land Transport Authority.

ITLS will be welcoming Professor John Preston and Dr Simon Blainey at the end of June

Professor Preston and Dr Blainey will be giving seminars at ITLS on July 3rd and July 10th on 'Evaluating the long term impacts of transport policy: A comparative assessment of bus deregulation and rail privatisation.' and 'Tracks to the future: Planning railway networks for the 21st century' respectively.

Welcome to Renaud Bayle, Visiting Intern from ENTPE, France

Renaud Bayle is undertaking an internship as part of his degree. Renaud has chosen to specialize in the field of transport and is expecting in the future to pursue a career in road or rail transport. At ITLS, Renaud is working on the concept of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and will run computer simulations on BRT.


Certificate of Transport Management 2012

The 2012 Certificate of Transport Management has just finished with 37 participants for the Certificate and 11 participants for the 'refresher'. This was the first year that the 'refresher' course has been run and these participants brought long standing knowledge of the bus industry to the course which was a good match for the enthusiasm for the new Certificate of Transport Management students. The course was led by Professor Corinne Mulley and Dr Geoffrey Clifton.


New River Crossing in London - the Emirates 'Air Line'

As Sydney plans to remove its unique relic of public transport infrastructure (the monorail), London is introducing a unique river crossing, dubbed by the popular press as the 'Dangleway'. This 1.1km river crossing cable car is planned to have a capacity of 2,500 people per hour. There are strong parallels between Sydney's monorail which was hurried to be ready for the Bicentenary and was sponsored by the private sector and the Emirates 'Air Line' in London. Will London, like Sydney, be getting rid of innovative urban transport infrastructure in 25 years time?

Cabins above North Greenwhich Arena Cabins above the tree tops
Source: Transport for London Source: Transport for London

BTS forecast great increases in public travel in the future

The 2036 vision for Sydney will see 29% population growth from 2011 but with passenger trips by car up by 30%, rail trips up by 42%, bus trips by 20% and active travel up 23%. More information


The September 2012 issue of Bus Buzz will include updates on research projects.


Editors: Professor Corinne Mulley, Dr Geoffrey Clifton

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